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Caregiving: The Vital Link In Positive Health Outcomes

When you or your loved one receive care, there’s a feeling of lightness that comes with it, an ease in the burden you thought you had to bear alone. This has many emotional, physical, mental and more importantly, health benefits.

Caregiving increases positive healthcare outcomes by a wide margin and is beneficial to both the recipient of care and the caregiver.

From a patient’s perspective, they experience an increased sense of comfort, security and preparedness whether in the hospital or not. Caregivers are excellent patient advocates and help their patients voice their worries and concerns in an organized manner.

From the standpoint of the caregiver, they serve as a bridge between the doctors and the patients, and their support and assistance help patients feel independent, healthier and happy, even when they can’t be completely autonomous.

It’s important to include caregiving as a part of healthcare for you or your loved one. Some of the responsibilities of a caregiver include personal care, ensuring all prescriptions and medications are being taken, providing medical care, emotional and psychological support, mental healthcare, discharge recovery support, respite care etc.

There are several needs within the healthcare system that only caregiving can meet. With caregiving, healthcare is more effective.

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